Just as tuckpointing will safeguard your mortar, waterproofing will shield your masonry from wind driven and saturating rains. 

Likely candidates for waterproofing include single wythe brick/stone/block veneer walls and sandblasted/waterblasted brick as they are all particularly porous. Star Tuckpointing also recommends sealing all types of cinder blocks after most rebuilds to sustain the masonry work.

Star Tuckpointing exclusively utilizes silane/siloxane waterproofing agents that infiltrate deep into the brick substrate and bond chemically to provide a superior barrier against the elements. Waterproofing agent is sprayed onto the brick surface and does not change the color or appearance of the brick. There will be no shiny film or cloudy residue left on the brick. Our sealants generally last approximately 8-10 years. The warranty on this type of application is 3 years.

Click here for additional information on Sealants provided by the Brick Industry Association (BIA).